Discover Innovative Search
Out of clutter find simplicity,
from discord find harmony,
in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
Everybody inevitably searches for better decision making in every day life
40.000 searches per second (fastly growing, check out for the current)
3.5 billion searches per day
1.2 trillion searches per year
Corporates also inevitably invest to search for better decision making in every day operations
to make money; in other words, to make their sellables much more reachable or available
better to understand the customers and their needs
explore & exploit trends, patterns on vast reachable data pools for analytically correct decisioning
Current search technology «not good enough» to meet main search needs as follows:
highlights in darkness: desperate need for content sniffers in insight generation. «computers promised us a fountain of wisdom bu delivered a flood of data» (William J. Frawley, Greogry Piatetsky-Shapiro and Christopher J. Matheus)
blindness in big: commonly accepted row-by-row search results representation is unfortunately not designed for to serve on explorations inside data weakness in representation: choosing much more natural and expressive query representations like searching as object instead of querying as bunch of texts for smarter searches
singing the same song: making search results userwise privatized instead of returning as the same for all


Object-based-SearchObject based Search model real life objects such as customers, products… use modeled objects in searches seamlessly experience the power of recursive and elastic fuzzification of the similarity based object search Analytic-TaggingAnalytic Tagging define objectives related with your business such as {sales opportunities, negative comments, symptoms…} define content sniffers for insight generation such as about {science, art…}, who {einstein, van Gogh…}... do not be bothered for relating data with the existing analytic tags, thanks to the self-learning system experience the power of analytic tag based focused and targeted search ExplorationExploration use exploration engine for instant analyse and decision making sense explore-search-explore continiuum with navigational probing inside data 1-to-11-to-1 meet with your personal/private search assistant experience the power of personalization with smart recommendation system OthersOthers multi-linguality : relating different language search results user file searching : user provided media, document, text file based search text searching in audio : extending «searchable as text» content via speech-to-text in audio content text searching in visuals :  extending «searchable as text» content via text recognition  in visual content autocomplete : providing smart completion alternatives while user entering a search input
Akıllı sistemler let's transformclutter into simplicitydiscord into harmonywith innovative searching Akıllı sistemler


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